It would be impossible to understand Spanish gastronomy without a company like grup gsr. They have been involved in the most significant milestones in recent years and, most importantly, people in the business love them.

Ferran AdriàChef

To me, the acronym gsr is the pledge of thorough, expert organisation through Roser Torras’s knowledge and talent for innovation...

Carme RuscalledaChef

...dissemination, announcements, presentations and the most complex and challenging food events.

Carme RuscalledaChef

gsr make up a great team. They work painstakingly to organise one of the world’s most significant international conferences, they are driven by their founding family’s passion for gastronomy, communicating and managing culinary excellence with great professionalism.

Joan RocaChef

If I were to highlight anything about grup gsr – a world-renowned name in world gastronomy we have been collaborating with intensely for almost a quarter of a century – it is their team work led by, obviously, Roser Torras and other significant deciders…

Juan Mari ArzakChef

Juan Mari ArzakChef

I have been collaborating with gsr since its early days. I have always emphasised their team spirit which exudes from this company of young, passionate people. The variety of actions they carry out throughout the year and their desire to outdo themselves gets passed on to us who attend their events where we are treated with exquisite manners and professionalism.

Pedro SubijanaChef

After all these years of a close relationship with grup gsr, I can tell you that you have earned everyone’s love and admiration with your know-how and your professionalism through the years as well as your exceptional love of what you do, boundless enthusiasm and great desire to succeed.

Martin BerasateguiChef

Having a communication agency such as grs close at hand to meet our professional needs is a luxury. And let us be clear about their contribution to the success of gastronomy in our country through the many food events they organise. Thank you and long life to the gsr team.

Carles GaigChef

In today’s world where cooking is becoming increasingly popular, we, chefs, often are vulnerable to many dangers that take us away from our everyday job...

Gastón AcurioChef make others happy through what we do, cooking. Growing media exposure, developing concepts here and there, communities of followers always expecting to hear about us, commitments and responsibilities shared along the chain. All these activities cannot come to proper fruition without the support of an allied team that is not only professional but above all that shares the same dream and the same ideal of a cuisine at the service of people’s wellbeing. This is gsr, the light that guides us day after day on a smooth path until we reach our destination, with a feeling that beyond success or failure, we have done things right.

Gastón AcurioChef

We have shared many moments with gsr, events, presentations, conferences… But I’ll always remember Les Cols’ 25th anniversary, perfectly organised and very special for the whole team.

Fina PuigdevallChef

gsr’s strong knowledge of the industry, their experience in event organisation and PR management have helped us build a stronger bond between our brands and the world of gastronomy.

Aldo Marcello de LucaSan Pellegrino

With gsr I have experimented with the most amazing ideas and even had some dreams become reality through a culinary event. gsr is the perfect pairing between fantasy and tenacity.

Ferran CentellesSumiller

For us, Roser Torras and gsr are a key asset in our venturing into gastronomy. They have helped us understand that world, enter it and get much more from it than we knew how. In addition, Roser’s extremely professional management meant that it felt like gsr was a part of Damm… ...

Jaume AlemanyDirector de marketing de Damm

Jaume AlemanyDirector de marketing de Damm